If you want to switch Internet hosting firms and you do not have much experience or time, you may find it tough to relocate your content. Migrating an HTML website involves uploading small files to the new server, thus it can be simpler, but relocating a script-driven Internet site, especially a custom-built one, and linking it to the database on the new web hosting platform or transferring databases and e-mails could be pretty frustrating tasks for some people. Therefore, lots of users are stuck with a hosting provider which offers a bad hosting service simply because they don't know how they can move their content to a different company safely and securely while keeping the looks and functionality of their sites undamaged. In this light, our hosting plans provide a website migration service, that's free of charge, and which shall save you a great deal of time and efforts since you'll not need to do anything on your end.

Assisted Website Migration in Shared Hosting

The service is available with every shared hosting service that we supply, so the instant your new account is functioning, you may contact us to set up the migration process. Our professional technical support can migrate even a number of Internet sites depending on the particular plan you have signed up for and will check out each one of them on our end to make certain that everything functions flawlessly once you point your domain to our advanced cloud hosting platform. This way, you'll not see any downtime of your websites as the exact same content shall show up whenever the new domain name servers propagate. We're able to migrate any kind of website, including a custom one, provided it runs on a Linux-powered web server and it is not built via a closed-source platform like Wix or Weebly since we can't access the actual website files. The entire migration process is normally executed within 24-48 hours and we'll inform you the moment we are done.

Assisted Website Migration in Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you get a semi-dedicated hosting account from us, we can relocate your content absolutely free even when you have a variety of sites under different domain names. As our top-notch cloud hosting platform employs Linux, your current host needs to employ this Operating System as well and you shouldn't be using a closed-source online website design service such as Weebly, Mr. Site or Jimdo as they don't allow the website files to be accessed, hence we can't migrate this kind of a website. It typically doesn't take more than 2 days from the minute you arrange the migration with our tech support team to the time everything is moved and ready, so that you can start using our services instantly. You can take advantage for any custom-made site or for one that you have built with a script-driven app such as Joomla, PrestaShop, Moodle or WordPress. As soon as everything is set, we shall let you know and you can change the name servers of your domains to point them to your new account. Given that the content shall be the same on both hosting servers, your visitors will not detect any downtime during the DNS update propagation.

Assisted Website Migration in VPS Hosting

If you choose one of our VPS hosting, we can begin moving your Internet sites the minute your account is set and you contact us. The process typically takes up to 48 hours based on the amount and the size of the Internet sites which you'd like to migrate to the VPS and this time includes not only relocating the content, but also testing it after as to ensure that your info is whole and that your websites shall function correctly on our end. Our technical support can migrate any popular script application or custom website provided that it can run using a Linux web server and if you are not using a service like Weebly, Jimdo or Mr. Site since they don't provide access to the files of the websites designed on their platforms. Aside from that, our service is available for any hosting CP that you choose on our end or use with the other provider. We may save you the time and the efforts at no extra expense on top of the monthly VPS price and the functioning of your Internet sites shall practically not be disrupted since during the propagation of the new name servers that you set for the domains you'd like to host on the server, you will have the same content on both ends.

Assisted Website Migration in Dedicated Web Hosting

If you've decided to switch hosting providers because you need a more efficient hosting solution and you sign up for a dedicated server from our company, we can move a number of websites at no additional cost and in just 48 hrs because of the fact that we have a crew of incredibly knowledgeable admins. Not only will they move the content for you, but they will also adjust all of the necessary settings within the configuration files of your sites and will test out if everything is performing efficiently before they notify you that the migration process has been carried out. This service is available no matter the hosting CP which you employ with the current host and the one that you order on our end. It also does not matter if you are using a custom site or a script like WordPress or Joomla because our admins can easily migrate any sort of website that can run on Linux environment. The only Internet sites they cannot transfer are ones created on platforms like Wix, Jimdo or Weebly because they employ closed-source website builders and don't offer access to the actual files. As soon as everything is ready, you can change the name servers of the domains which you wish to be hosted inside the dedicated server and considering that the content shall be identical with the one you have on the servers of the present hosting provider, you will not see any disruptions.